Order your Paczki today!

One of the single best days of the year is coming up Tuesday March 1st. Which day? Why Paczki Day of course!

It’s the day when you’re allowed to indulge in all of your favorite delicious paczki. We have 8 flavors to choose from: Apple, Cheese, Custard with Chocolate, Custard with Powdered Sugar, Peach, Plain, Raspberry and Strawberry. Place your order before Tuesday February 22nd and these delectable treats are just $2.05 each!

We are offering our Paczki Day delivery special to offices within 5 miles of our store for just $15! Minimum order is 2 dozen. Call us today at 815-464-8844 to secure your spot. If you place your order online, we will update it with your discount when we confirm it.

Place your order online here.

Packzki Day Flyer 2022

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